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What are window shutters?

You may hear descriptions like Shutters, Window Shutters, Plantation Shutters. At a simplistic level Window Shutters are often described as something that effectively controls the level of light that comes through your window. They operate in a similar fashion to Venetian blinds but are generally of a superior build quality and custom built to fit each property perfectly.

Although they are usually constructed from a high quality wood, window shutters can also be made of lightweight aluminium or special resins too. Window Shutters have strong, built frames, that have attached doors that also have connected louvres (slats). The Louvres can come in different sizes to compliment the size of the given window and doors used. At Shutters Forever, we are experienced to support and advise you in what would best suit your particular window/door style.

What are the benefits of shutters?

There are a large number of benefits of owning window Shutters. You would be pleased to know that by simply installing window Shutters, you will be instantly creating a more insulated room that has a host of major benfefits in terms of energy efficiency and light control. Controlling the amount of light in a room can be alot harder without a shutter system, if you have ever tried to use a computer, read a book or watch a television in a sunny room, you will understand how important light control can be. Creating less noise from coming into the room and offering the most beautiful ambience in every room that you have shutters in. With a wonderful classic look that will certainly last decades even if you change the décor of your room.

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Are Window Shutters an investment?

If you are thinking of purchasing Window Shutters (Plantation Shutters) then it should be seen as something that could add value to your property. We would also encourage our customers to see it as an investment. At Shutters Forever we are very proud that we predominately supply and fit hard wood Shutters at a very competitive price, often beating competitors who quote for only MDF.

Do they come with a guarantee?
When buying any sort of long term products for your home from windows, shutters and fixtures to doors, flooring or applicances, the first question most people have i All of our window shutters come with a standard 5 Year guarantee. Whilst we are confident that your Window Shutters will give you many years of enjoyment, the added 5 year guarantee will leave you with peace of mind after installation.

Are there different Window Shutter Styles?

At Shutters Forever we offer an array of Shutter Window styles. These include Tier on Tier which allows you to control if you would like to open specific doors e.g. Open the top doors and keep the bottom ones shut.

You can have full height doors which will cover the whole window from top to bottom in a beautiful way with evenly matched door panels.

Café Style Window Shutters that are fitted to the bottom half of your window.

Tracked Shutters that allow you to have Window Shutters on patio doors.

We also offer varied shaped Shutters if you have specific designed windows e.g. Triangular windows. Our expert Surveyor will be on hand to offer help and advice.

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What colours are available?

Whilst white and silk white are our most commonly purchased colours. At Shutters Forever we offer up to 20 colour options all within the same price. Should you chose to go for a more bespoke colour choice, we can certainly offer you this for an additional fee that won’t break the bank! Please do ask our surveyors for what colour options we have and they will be happy to show you our vast options available when they come round for your survey.

How do i buy window shutters?

If you have made up your mind to buy window shutters, you can contact our team to arrange a free quotation by calling us on ☎ 0203 915 2920, alternatively you can use our online quotation form. Once you have booked your appointment, we will visit your property to measure up and discuss your available options. Your quotation can then be completed the same day and provided to you. After you have received and approved your quotation, we will book your project in to be started.

The Installation process

Book an appointment now on ☎ 0203 915 2920
We visit your property to measure up.
Your quotation is completed same day.
Your window shutters are installed.

Supplying and installing Plantation Shutters across London. We are a leading provider and offer a complete solution, call us now on 0203 915 2920 for more information. Our staff are fully trained and can assist you with any queries.


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